No Car

Haven't gone swimming for a couple of days now. We had to bring the car to the TAI shop for its 80K service checkup, rustproofing (or undercoating as they call it), engine detailing and a whistling sound we've been complaining about for eons. And for this I had to commute (again). Well, commuting by jeepney isn't so bad after you realize you can get around without doing the driving yourself. Feels good to be a passenger again. It's just that suddenly the ride just seem so bumpy (ooooh, my lower back!).

Yah, I've gotten pretty much used to private transpo. We do have a shuttle bus at the company and I used to ride it before. But unlike officemates who ride their cars just for the convenience (and porma), I essentially justify the DAILY use of the car for two things:
  1. To swim and keep fit EVERYDAY. At my age, keeping fit is a huge priority. Unfortunately the pool I go to is out of the way on my way to work. Public transpo is time-consuming and cumbersome just to get there and then be at the office in time.
  2. It's a business tool of sorts. When a potential tenant who meets my requirements asks to see the unit, I can just zoom to the site anytime ON A WEEKDAY to show the unit. Applicants usually call/ text from the site and want to see the unit pronto. This doesn't happen everyday, but it eliminates much of the hassle going there and I'm always ready.
Like others, there's the multitude of tasks that can be conveniently done with the car like when buying/ loading a sack of rice, attending to some emergency at the apartment, paying water bills, helping buy groceries in bulk, yadda yadda yadda, but it's the above two reasons that really justifies my need.

Hokay, let's get that out of the way. Anyway, after a rather long wait (2 days+) and reading all of TAI's newspapers, I got the car today all finished. When I saw the work on the engine detailing under the hood, all I could say was "is this my car?" It was so clean and shiny you could eat a pizza off of it. And the ride... It seemed to run so smoothly on the highway! Or is it just all psychological? After all, I'm now poorer by a whopping Php17,000!

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