Tweaking the Kick

Easy: Today I advanced the Php1,500 fee to renew my yearly membership. I'm surprised that they hadn't raised the annual fee. When I started this swimming exercise program last year, I wasn't sure where it'll lead me. I knew it was something that I had to do then, because of my back and hypertension and was thinking that maybe I could do it long term. But with other priorities in life, you'd never know what'll suddently butt in and disrupt all that. Well, after a year, am still in it and just renewed my membership! It makes me wonder if I truly found a niche as far as regular fitness is concerned. I hope so.

I still feel the pain in the right knee and today, I don't pushoff as strong from the wall. I also modified the freestyle kick so that the leg movement comes solely from the hips. It felt like I was dragging the legs and wasn't churning enough water. But I wonder if this helps me to be more streamline coz the knees don't bend much. So far the tweaking works coz I still manage to balance the body with the kicks. Heck we've read about disabled people ABLE to swim (and keep fit) by merely tweaking their stroke technique to suit their circumstances. These folks to me, are admirable, compared to couch potatoes.

I got this tip from Andres Muro from the forum. To float/ raise your legs more and keep your body horizontal, arch your lower back and point your toes back. Makes sense. He gave this advise to a guy who compares swimming with fins and without for a long (1.5k) swim. Andres sez the fins puts the legs on the surface of the water. To which I agree.

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