Time for Medz

Another Easy day: I think it'll be this way for a few more days. The pain in the right knee is still there 'tho not as painful as last week. Two strokes in the Hard session will really stress it and these are the whipping kick in the sidestroke and the backstream flutter kick. So I'm avoiding those for now. Even the pushoff now is more "suwabe" (read: really slow) than before. I went to the company doc yesterday for my knee pain. He prescribed Dyclofenac and Mobic. I'm on the Dyclo for now and we'll see if the pain eases up. He suspects inflammation which may not necessarily have been caused by trauma.

I think it's time that I start to build serious mileage. I mean, it's been over a year now and apart from the past milestones, which have been great by the way, there's isn't much improvement in the mileage department. Am I just running out of air? Do I just need more aero? I do know that compared to the past, I recover much faster in like 10 to 20 secs. Could I just force the turns? Like quit thinking about 25 and do 50m out of EVERYTHING (all strokes)? Leave the recovery problems after each 50m lap?

Tomorrow, I'll try doing a Double Easy. With no mid rests (after 25m), that means the laps are faster and will allow me to double the Easy workout. A mental imagery I have now to force the turns is to imagine that there.. is.. no.. pool bottom at the end of the 25m. There is no ledge or bottom to stand on to. You just hold on to the gutter and GO BACK. There is no other way but to TURN AND GO BACK. Use Self-Talk here. There is no 25meters, only 50meters. Focus... Focus... Mental Toughness... Let's DO it.

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