Double Easy !!!

Double Easy: A milestone! I did today a double easy with no rest at 25m for all strokes! So the workout went this way: free, tread, free, elem, free, paddle, free, tread, free, elem, free, paddle - and all for 50m. The mental imagery really worked. There's plenty of articles by Craig Townsend on Mind Training for Swimmers. Just click here. I almost thought I wouldn't swim today. It was raining cats and dogs this morning due to the tailend of typhoon Gorio. But at the junction, the clouds just cleared a little. That's what I do, just before I reach the tollgate, I scan the sky left and right like some looney predicting whether the sun will come out of the clouds. Hope I don't figure into some vehicular accident by doing that.

But today was awesome. There were even a few earthworms in the pool! Guess the rains flush them out from somewhere. Before, I'd probably be grossed out already. But not today. I can't be bothered by that. One was maybe 8 inches long and was alive crawling at the pool floor. But nope, I can't be bothered by that. Even if it was a foot long, nopes I wouldn't be bothered by that. My focus today to do the 50m was just more intense than usual. Now if those vermin looked like that alien creature in Predator showing their fangs and ready to swallow me whole... I'd be bothered by that.

In one of the frees today I gulped some water but I just couldn't be bothered by it, and so I told myself: "Self, relax and move on". And self did just that. I started at 7:20 and ended at 8:14 for this workout and it felt absolutely great afterwards. So self, great job and congratulations.

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