Cool Swim, Cool Cap

Double Easy with full laps: After a WHOLE weekend of rain, the pool water was much cooler. Typhoon's gone (Gorio: is that also Matsa in China? and I heard they had a typhoon holiday in Taiwan) but it's the rainy season. I've been using my cap for several days now and it's getting unsightly watermarks from the pool water. The silver color now appears dull.

Anyway, after checking-in the car to TAI last week, I bought a silicone swimcap I've been wanting to get for its so cool colors. It's the one on the left. Dig those dazzling neon colors! It was on sale at Festival Chris Sports at 10% off - Php180. Something weird though was that the shop next to it, StoreShop, was retailing it for Php240. Yup, it's the same brand, same material, same size, same dazzling neon colors. Neat huh. Guess somebody's not monitoring their own prices. Ah well, I'll just alternate these two and have the Speedo as backup.

Surprisingly, the pool today was clean and clear! I could only guess that: 1) with the rains, hardly anybody went to swim on the weekend. 2) pool staff is more diligent in cleaning the pool. Speaking of staff, Dante is going on vacation and is training another guy, Leo to take over. Hope he's as kind and hardworking as Dante.

Visualization exercises can take some time. I realized I started swimming late at 7:40am. I guess the trick now is to lessen the rests in between laps if I'm to do Double Easy regularly. I want to do this workout coz it makes me feel I've accomplish so much. I came to the office today with my back wet with sweat! And a good workout always seem to clear my breathing.

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