Gloomy Day

DEasy: Still a gloomy day today. Although the weather appears to be clearing, the sun's still shy just content at peering from above the nimbus clouds. The water's much cooler today than yesterday and I used my new cap (M-Cap brand). It was tighter than the Voit but that was expected since it was new. But there's absolutely no discomfort and it kept me warm nicely. I think I do need to alternate both caps coz the Voit may have loosen up a bit. After a few laps, I sometimes feel the top part of the back of the cap to be flapping a bit.

Today's workout was good. I had thought of lessening the rest time and I shortened the rest between free and a utility stroke. It seemed like 3 breaths and I'm off. But after the utility stroke, I REALLY rest. I've gulped so much water with the couple of Dog Paddling that I did. My mouth just kept sinking as I was gasping. The shortened rest literally took my breath away. I started at 7:25 finished early too at 8:10 just beating the office buzzer. I do need to concentrate on what I do MORE than watch what others do in the pool. Focus on the workout and do what I came to do. Mind your own workout!

Something I read last night that I thought was useful was the switch-on-switch-off technique on mind training. Click here for the article. Think of the title as "Maintaining Focus for Multi Day TASKS", so that rather than think "competition", think "training or practice". This should take my mind off swimming for the rest of the day and focus on other matters. Other matters would include practicing the piano again after listening to that hauntingly beautiful song "Ni Yao De Ai" (Meteor Garden theme) today.

With no sun in the previous days, the sports towel has started to smell like rust and mildew, ugh. The smell even stuck to my skin. I need to have it bleached AND washed PRONTO.

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