Finally Out!

SEasy or Easy: Sun's finally out today after a whole week of rains. It was a Single Easy day today.

Muscles (right biceps and shoulder) are still sore from the weekend's wood chopping for 2 days. We collected cut tree branches from the park where some trees were heavily trimmed. I cut them at home using a steel hacksaw and split them for drying. In all these activities, I didn't feel "pooped out" at all. Of course I needed a few minutes rest occassionally. Overall, I was sweating like crazy but it wasn't as tiring as before when I didn't swim. In fact it was the blisters and the hand soreness that gave out first. I must say that all these swimming has tremendously improved my fitness. Now if only I could say the same for my knees. I had some difficulty sitting and rising from the low stool as I was chopping the wood especially yesterday. I wonder what I could do for them. Stationary bike? Knee bends/ squats with weights?

The pool was cool and clear today. The new guy is ultra-busy cleaning, even on a slow day like Monday. I guess I won't be able to dive for some sunken coins for quite some time.

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