Unsymmetrical Again

Partial DEasy or TEPTE: I'm getting the habit of not rotating enough again. The left arm doesn't clear the waterline enough and it felt like splashing too much water. I rotated automatically and the left arm clears when my head turned with the body though. I gotta remember that. I used the thigh and groin(?) muscles more for the Paddle today. It felt that way coz that's where I felt the slight tiredness. Maybe this will save the knees more.

It may be a fluke but elemback today's count was only 8! To streamline myself, I put my palms on my front thighs. On the medz front, I forgot to take Pritor (my anti-hypertension drug). Good thing I always keep some spare tabs in the car. I'm a bit apprehensive to workout if I didn't take it. What if my BP spikes? A coronary situation in the pool isn't a pretty sight. I gotta think of a way to take this first thing in the morning. Take it with my tall glass of water? with coffee? put it on the dinner table the night before?

I've downloaded lots of videos today from fan sites. Interestingly, there are plenty of Aussie videos (Thorpe and Hackett) to download from various fansites around. When you search for US videos, most of the sites (not fansites) ask for money. Luckily I found one fansite for Phelps. I'll put all these on a cd later. These will keep me happy and inspired for the next few days.

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