Take It Slow

Deasy: It's still cold in the mornings especially when I wake up. But nopes, no more excuses! As MTS sez, think of the outcomes, the payoffs. Think positive not negative. The water's cool and one thing I did yesterday was to dunk my head a couple of times to acclimatize with the water before starting the laps. Maybe I should do that everyday.

Doing Deasy everyday is a doable. I just have to put my mind to it and not overly rush the laps. Today, I was more relaxed albeit slower on the second TEP. No rush, no tensing of muscles, no wild gasping for air, even. I thought that was refreshing. The first relaxed lap even felt like I was just lazily stroking the right arm as if I just depended on the turning of the body to propel myself ala a screwdriver. Maybe that's the core muscles at work. Whatever it was, I want to do that again coz it was much easier to go thru the laps. Reserve the wham-bam, gungho, furious stroking on some other day perhaps.

Tomorrow I'll park farther from where I park now. Those workers at the resort (mostly for the bottled water business) have the makeshift basketball goal up again. Trouble is, the goal is rather near the spot where I presently park my car, meaning near enough for the ball to hit the car. Especially now that that court is rebuilt, those guys are huffy-puffy again on playing. It's too close for comfort, so I'll just move. I don't know what's with those guys, they play bball, pretend to swim and then smoke big-time. Some jerk even smokes in the shower room. I know it's the rainy season and biz is slow, but still.

I found a nice quote from a USMS particpant (Guvnah) on blocking out distractions at the pool. It was a reply to an overweight guy who was insecure about other people's opinions and thought that Guvnah's pool was empty:

"Actually, it's often pretty full. Two people per lane, one on each side of the line. What I was saying is that for me, nobody else matters. (Unless they swim into me or into my space!) Just block them out and focus on your own zone, your own workout. Is the guy (or gal) in the next lane swimming twice as fast as I am? Good for them! I don't change my workout to keep up. Block them out. Do your own thing. That's all."

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