2nd Complete Workweek

DEasy: It was a relaxing double easy today. Wasn't rushing it. Corz, I skipped today the dizzying flipturns - but only for now. Maybe I should break-in to them gently. Why is it that rains only come in the afternoon and it's bright and sunny the following morning? We've got rains all week, but I still managed to complete the workweek. Maybe completing workweeks will now be the usual. Here's a shot of the pool where I go to. It is in this tranquil spot where I spend most of my mornings relaxing and contemplating.

After seeing the HOM video, I think I should lose some weight. Maybe I've got a career in public speaking? I've gained more confidence now after the training and the emceeing. I've even printed some ebooks on presentation and speaking yesterday for bedtime reading.

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