Despedida at Pansol

Irene, Sandra, Renz and I went to Pansol for Ian's despedida. It was supposed to be an overnight/ night-swimming affair but we just decided to join in the swim and the eating. Che had to attend to a school group project while Karen was not up to it and was her usual sulking self. Dada and Renz were the go-getters and the pic at the left was taken by me at the pool. That thing on Sandra's spoon is a quail egg from the delicious but super hot sopas. The place is called White-House. It's hard to find coz, we didn't have a sketch just landmarks (Villa Florencia at the right of the national road, turn left at Pansol ark and straight). Even then, we got lost and had to seek help from some PTGA (Phil Tourist Guide Assoc.?) guys on bikes.

That's Renz and Dada doing the requisite "Peace" sign. The pool is too deep for Renz so he simply rode on my back half of the time. Rest of the time was spent chatting with Ate Dada on the pool steps. The place was simply called White-House coz it's painted white. Such an imaginative name, huh? No wonder we and the others got lost. The food prepared by Susan was good though. There was inihaw na liempo, tilapia, adobo, pipino in vinegar, and yummy sawsawan. We packed up and went home at 10pm and bought buko pie (Collette's) on the way home. Five peeps rode with us and we dropped them at Susana Heights. Had to leave early coz there was work by Mang Bert on the apartment's leaking roof the following morning at 7.

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