Easy: I was simply too tired to do a double. Besides, my tummy's feeling a little queasy. I wasn't able to rest well from yesterday's driving to Pamp. and had to forgo ironing the school uniforms. TY to DH for filling in for me.

Here's a shot I took of one of the spacious rooms at the Pampanga "mansion" yesterday. There's Renz in his signature longga-longga briefs. The house is huge. Before we went to Pamp, we got the report cards from LaCo and we were pleasantly surprised with Sandra's academics. She's second in her section! She's adjusting very well. Yeyyy Dada! Karen has some difficulties with Science and Reading, but I'm sure it's nothing that she cannot handle.

Our CEO, KJ, visited us for his annual tour of the factories. For a CEO, I thought his presentation was rather dry and so uninspiring.

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Anonymous said...

You are a great DAD - you even iron clothes for the kids. I too was very happy about the report cards of Dada and Karen. Karen, though, was a bit sad because of her low grade in Science. Frankly, I did not find it low - she is still a bright kid. She has time to make up. Anyway, as long as she gives her best... The difficult part though of having high grades immediately is how to maintain them. You really have wonderful kids. Think about what you might miss if you decide to work abroad - although, I know, it is their future that you are most concerned.

Blackdove said...

Thank you. We don't have househelp so EVERYONE ('cept for "baby" Renz) does his/her share of household chores.

Yes, I'm confident Karen will do well. I'm supposed to meet her Science teacher this week. Let's see how that will turn out.