Christmas Piece?

No workout today. It was raining. I'm still happy over how my speech yesterday turned out. But I wished I could've practiced more. The book sez to practice speech delivery at least 20 times! My Icebreaker Speech was probly practiced 5 times only. It was still very good though coz I was the only one without notes. As Mic remarked, "it was a a naked delivery", coz I had no sheets of paper in front to read nor did I stand behind the lectern.I just couldn't resist trying to finger the first few notes off my old piece "The Three Wise Men" that unfortunately I never finished. I would love to learn it completely this time (nth time?) This morning, it felt like re-learning it all over. Coz the first few times, it was all attempts to memorize it. How I wish I could sight-read. For the next days, I'll put the Christmas piece in the morning and everything else like drills, scales, sightreading, Czerny and the regular piece in the evening.

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