The Kick Factor

DEasy: Was late today. Eversince Che was on school break last Monday we weren't early in leaving the house. Now, I couldn't manage double easies. I wonder how I could get around this. Well, it is ONLY one week. But the sun's out and it simply a waste to NOT to enjoy a long swim. I now do the stroke-change laps. So I do a tread-eback after the first free and an eback-tread after the second free. It is only the paddle now where I do the funky u-turn. Ah... variety... that's the secret!

Just for kicks (pun intended), I timed my free laps with kicks and without and I validated what I've suspected all along - that the 6-beat kick makes me faster. A 50m lap was timed at 56 to 58 secs with kick and 1 min 3 secs without. Water's much clearer today with visibility up to 10m.

I've been toying with the idea of increasing mileage in a single go. Maybe it's time for a 100m. This oughta be a relaxed slow swim to go that long. I think I'll blast even just one 100m tomorrow and see how it'll go.
STILL didn't wake up early today. Too tired and sleepy I guess.
  • Doodled on the Db Major scale, noting the proper fingering. In the past, I was only drilled on the C major scale so now I'm learning all scales (majors first) as part of my warmup exercises in the future. Think I'll print out the other source for proper fingering.
  • This morning I heard Karen playing the Indian War Dance piece from memory. I remember it to be one of my favorite beginner pieces. Guess what. I've been playing it long but it's only now I noticed that a segment was supposed to be played staccato. Ah well... NOW, I know.

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