Mossy Green

SEasy: The pool was mossy green in color today. It's like holding up a wine bottle against the light - there, that's the color. Raymond said that they put in more water from their water tank. They had to coz the water level as gone low and the motor will have trouble "sucking in air". What's funny is, I didn't see any water tank around. Hmmmm. He said the there's no problem with the color. "Naligo na kami diyan kagabi at HINDI NAMAN KAMI NANGATI". His reassurance actually made me more worried. But no, that won't bother me. I saw some swimming insects too. But no, that won't bother me either.

The water color was so dark that you can't see beyond 2 meters! It was a weird feeling. I guess this is how it feels like to swim in a lake. Had to be attentive for the wall when reaching the end. There was also a slight drizzle in spite of the sun shining and it was a pleasant sight.
I won't be having piano entries on Mondays coz I won't use the piano on Monday mornings. Reasons are:
  1. I use the piano (when covered) to support the kids' school uniforms that I press during Sunday evenings. So they're more likely to be still there Monday morning.
  2. It'll be my rest day so I don't have to wake up early Monday esp. with the bodyaches and fatigue from the previous weekend's activities.
Anyway, some tips that I've read when studying a piece:
  • Start with the sections that are most challenging. Idea behind this is that you can "conquer" the tough part while you're still enthusiastic and fresh with the piece. You can then blast the easy parts later even if your interest starts to wane.
  • Study the piece AWAY from the piano. Study the notes and visualize hitting them. Study the time signature and tempo. This will give you a headstart when you try the piano coz you have some of the piece in your brain already.

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