Piano Journalling

SEasy: Tweaked the Tread-Eback stroke change by taking a breath, paddling down with both hands, folding the knees and bringing them up. It's a bit tricky coz it's so easy to sink.

I'm now officially putting my notes on piano practice into this journal rather than setting up another journal for it. My swim entries have not been lengthy anyway so I might as well put the piano entries here. Besides, I'm not keen on maintaining 2 separate blogs for 2 journals. I was just explaining to the kids last night the power of journalling. Journalling, is there such a word? Anyway, if there are mispellings in the titles, that's okay, spammers are on the lookout for "perfect" titles. From hereon, my piano journal entries will be separated by the simple divider below with the 2 red eight-notes.
Woke up late - 5am. Still far from my attempt at 4am. It's been 2 days already and I've not adjusted thus far.
Trills as taught by Teacher Rita, C-scales. I also practiced the Czerny 15 and 16 exercises. These are the last drills taught by Teacher Jill.
I've chosen "Love is all that Matters" as my piece for this month. Melody intro of this piece by Digna with just the right hand is so easy the kids do it like nothing. The whole piece looks easy (yah, everything looks easy on paper).

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