Cloudy Day

SEasy: No sun at all and I had this headache that made me feel nauseaus too so that prevented me from doing a double at noon. I've thought of some other floating/ balance drills that I can teach the kids:
  1. Starfish float - Ok, they can do this already.
  2. Starfish with Scull: Slowly bring legs together and scull to change position or turn. This teaches the hand sculling motions while remaining afloat. Watch the breathing.
  3. Back Balance: Scull to bring legs together and bend knees. Cross the lower legs together. To make it a little more difficult, do the table-top. Uncross the legs and bring them parallel to the water line. Scull to turn.
  4. Tuck and Extend: Do the back balance and then slowly extend the legs. Repeat.
  5. Sitting float: This is difficult but is good preparation for treading. This puts the body in a vertical position, but you "sit". Simply raise the legs off the bottom. Sculling the hands will bring you forward.
  6. Treading: This includes the frog kick.
At the showers today, I was thinking of giving the pool maintenance staff a basket of groceries for Christmas. The pool maintenance guys are doing a fairly good job. The shower stalls and floors have been recently cleaned up really good. It's those jerks from the water-refilling biz who mess up the shower stalls with their laundry shit and used-up shampoo sachets. Anyway, I hope I won't forget to get this basket come Christmas.

Am still of thinking what to put on the card so that it really gets to Dante and Raymond and the counter girls. Uhmmm... "To the pool maintenance staff (Dante and Raymond)?" Last thing I want is that all those other bozos see the basket and take it for themselves.

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