Nice but Lousy

SEasy: The sun was out and so nice. But I wasn't just feeling up to it and it felt so lousy to continue. Have so many stuff in my mind. At least I got in and put some effort to workout.

I've been musing on reviving my piano lessons (for the nth time?). I looked at my piano journal and yup, it's been quite a while. The last real log was Sept in 2004. An "idea" entry was logged Feb of 2005 and that was it. I'll just have to let go of these issues I'm having now and just move on. Some action items related to this musing:
  1. Re-cable the answering machine to avoid disruptions.
  2. Fix or replace the score sheet lamp bulb.
  3. Re-cable the piano switch for convenience in powering off.
  4. Adjust the piano's height from floor to top of keys to ensure comfort. Saw off stand's legs if needed. Retain adjusting rods.
  5. Find a suitable practice time. Morning, 4am to 5pm? Occassionally use headphones?
Hokay, I guess I need some more soul-searching on this.

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