Try the "I"

DEasy: The pool water today was clearer than ever! I swear I could see beyond 20 meters underwater. I learned later from Raymond that the filtering system has been running even at night. I told him that in the past, the water doesn't get that clear. He said the owner wanted to save on electricity in the past. I hope it stays this way. It's really nice.

Putting on the gogs today made me realize that I've been putting them on exactly the same way I've been doing for so long and that is put on the plastic eyepieces first, THEN the straps. I thought of this method originally in order to be careful not to break the eyepieces' hooks. I was then thinking of some kids in several instances who wanted to borrow my goggles. What's up with that? You go swimming, you know what you need in a pool of water, so bring 'em! If you forget your towel, do you borrow mine? So, thinking of the distinct way of putting them on made me realize that they're probly broken by now had I lent them each time. I just tell them politely that I'm USING them even if I have them on my forehead.

Instead of the usual "Y" in starting the elemback stroke, I tried the "I". This is where the fingers of both hands are back-to-back to start the stroke. This with the open hands made a difference. It puts an extra strain on the muscles but it definitely gives a longer glide. I could finish a length in 8 to 9 strokes rather than the usual 10.

I'm doing air blasting and fist drills with more consistancy now. Air blasting at the turn really clears the nose and relaxes the breathing. The fist drill reminds me to rotate the hips in order to move efficiently. It also heightens the feel for the water.

For the longest time, I really need to replenish the shampoo, soap and sunscreen (for those rare dayswims).

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