Reviving the Back

DEasy: Another sun-shiny morning! Retried the backstroke today. It felt well for just 7 meters or so. Somehow the lack of skill in the stroke made me think I was going too slow with the amount of effort exerted. My right knee also complained. Next time, don't think much of the kick. Relax, let the legs float and focus on arms. A better kick would probly be faster but narrower.Probly time for the back streamline drills again. This time, I'm ready to give it another go (as the ozzies say it). Prince was there (biked) and with a chart! Way to go Prince. Hope that chart serves you well.

DTPTP: Had another at noon. The water felt weird. It was warm at the surface but cool at deeper than 4 inches. But it was so clear and was fun seeing the hand's shadow below. I couldn't do any back coz the sun's beating really hard and it'll blinding. I think I'll just do a noon workout next time if I can't make it in the morning. It takes lots of self-motivation to workout with nobody else around at noon. I wonder how I got through that seeming boring routine last year. But I did! Looks like it'll be a great sunny weekend. Not a dark cloud in the sky today!

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