Cold Mornings and Christmas Past

DEasy: I haven't done a double easy for a while and it feels good to have the shoulders stretched again. Sun was up today although the water was cool. It hasn't been raining the past few days so the cool November mornings was the culprit. It's been nippy the past 3 early mornings, so yup, Christmas is really around the corner. I didn't go swimming yesterday coz there was some heavy traffic at Market Road. There's apparently a rerouting of jeepneys (who were choking the road) and I could only surmise that it's roping in of jeepneys to crackdown on colorums. I just turned back and headed for the office. Great that there was no such thing today. Today I found a 1 peso coin at the pool floor to add to my "sunken treasure" kitty.

Last night Doris hitched on the way home and we got to talk about how Christmas nowadays is so different from the Christmas past as we knew it. We both agreed that the Christmas spirit seems to wane as years go by; less decorations, less festivities, less spending. And altho we both agreed that the economy is partly to blame, she adds that it's also that only the Catholics really keep up the very long Christmas season. She contends that there are more born-again Christians now than before - to which I agree. These born-agains she says do not take the same Christmas views as Catholics and that includes beliefs in big preparations and celebrations for Christmas. Hmmmm.I only managed to put in a few practice on the Christmas piano piece here and there. My second Toastmasters speech is due for delivery tomorrow. But my speech is ready. I just need to practice it 10 more times. I read this article that a great drill for improving the voice for speeches is singing. So now, I try to collect some video karaoke songs that I like and put them all on several vcd's. That way, I won't need to continually press the "select next" button.

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