Fired Out

DEasy: This was a fast one. Prince was there. I learned yesterday that Michelle got fired. Apparently she was in cahoots with one of the workers to "chicken" the lodge. This was of course unauthorized. I don't think she's been there for over a month.

The Toastmasters session has been cancelled again for the nth time! My second speech is slowly losing its novelty - especially on me! I've practiced this speech for 18 times already. I'm ready to puke the words "hirsuta" and "schumanni". What's with people cancelling left and right?

On a happy note, last night I tried out the cd-writer combo with the bundled Nero Express. This is to compile my favorite videokaraoke songs into a single vcd. It worked well. All choice 24 songs fit into a single vcd. Now, I could sing all night without having to press the "next" key several times to skip songs. It's a dvd writer as well, so maybe I could try that too.

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