Weights? Diet Change?

No Swim: Dark clouds in the morning today. I'm still sore that the Toastmsters session was cancelled. But, I'll just make the most of what I have and maybe practice toastmastering at home. Maybe I could think about topics for my third speech. Hopefully, the topic won't be as heavy as the second. I've learned that topics with so many facts (like a scientific research) tend to be harder to deliver. So I'll try to dig up from life's experiences instead.

With swimming as my only exercise the past year, some bones and muscles do not get the appropriate "loading" to become strong. I experienced this last week when Sandra and Renz were playing outside. I showed Sandra and Renz how I skipped rope (boxer style with good rhythm). I proceeded to get the jumping rope from Sandra and did a few jumps. It was okay. I wasn't tired at all. But I felt my weight on the feet pounding on the concrete. The following day, my ankles were a little sore. No major strain or sprain - just some discomfort when I rotate or bend the ankles. I guess the buoyancy of all my swimming hasn't help in sustaining strength in bones and muscles that can withstand impact in jumping, running, etc.

I'm now thinking (again!) of reviving my weights routine. Maybe warmup with some shoulder presses and curls and then put in some light squats and bench presses. I'm thinking of doing weights Saturday morning. Coupled with this is my old Atkins type diet that was pretty successful in the past. Very little or no carbs. Buy some mackerel, tuna and flavor with pickle relish. Blech. We'll see.Still not practicing enough my Christmas piano piece. I always get interrupted by Renz wanting to play the piano. And I really mean "play" the piano. When he does this, I tell him that he can play on it alone provided that when I practice, he doesn't interrupt me anymore. Ah well, maybe he'll get interested someday. Renz and Sandra also get to tinker with it.

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