Service Awards

SEasy: Sun almost disappeared this morning! Filter's on and the greenish color's clearing up. I noticed today that if I turned my head towards the sky to breath, it was straining the neck whereas if I just turned to the side, it was smoother and easier. Corz, it's no guarantee that I get big gulp of air, but still. I may have noticed that before and even wrote about it.

Tonight's the Service Awards night. After a couple of awards nights for me, this event's getting much too predictable. When asked if I'll be there, I say yes, they'll see me there. What I mean tho' is they'll just see me on video (had a video shoot for my batch's greetings). When some folks learn I'm not going and ask, I just say I don't really have anything to do there. Which is true. The recent crop of service awardees don't have any active participation in the event. The event's too much overrated. Ladies are excited that they can slap on tons of makeup, fix their hair bigtime and wear gowns (if they can fit in them!). And it becomes a fashion show of sorts. Seems like awardees are just expected to eat, sit, watch the paid celebrities and take pics. I'm not big on local showbiz so it's not too interesting for me.

If there's one thing that attracts me to this event is the dancing. But dancing starts at 12 midnight or beyond - when EVERYTHING's done. And what do I do before that? Yawn? Besides, looking at the awardees' names, I can't spot anybody who I can do partner dancing with (swing, boogie, reggae, etc.) They look like mostly disco people. Oh, I LOVE disco music. It is the disco "do-whatever" dance that I don't particularly care about. For disco music, I'd rather do the 4-beat or 3-beat(Hustle) swing or even Reggae (if it has a strong beat).

Here's what typically happens:
  1. After the community (last) song, emcees announce the end of awarding and start of dancing. This is around 12 midnight.
  2. It's late and klutzes readily leave ballroom, tired, sleepy, onto the waiting service buses.
  3. Really good music start to play. Nobody dances.
  4. After 15 mins. A couple of lights are turned off. Maybe 2 couples are on the floor.
  5. After 15 more mins. A couple more lights turned off and maybe 4 couples more on the floor.
  6. After 15 more mins. all lights are off 'cept for some strobe lights and all those remaining awardees disco on the dancefloor. Corz by this time, the others have gone bored and left.
Anyway, that's how I foresee it happening again and it just isn't worth the hassle of missing a good night's sleep (among many other hassles) for a few mins. of dancing.
I wasn't practicing the Christmas piece lately coz of my second Toastmasters speech. Too bad, the Toastmasters session didn't push yesterday due to the "preparations" for the Service Awards. Anyway, that'll give me more time to polish the speech. On the piece, I still have problems memorizing the left hand. I still need the music sheet. Just can't put it all together yet.

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