2 free 2 backstream with fins, SEasy without fins: One benefit I found today with finning is that it strengthens the legs. My fins are long but not too wide. They do create resistance and trains me to use the hip muscles more. The trouble is when I get too fast, I'm a little scared slamming my head onto the wall esp. with today's greenish water. Another I notice is the "imbalance" one gets after removing the fins. I noticed the first time I wore the fins too. It's just that when you're used to no fins, the body maintains a balance. When fins are worn, that balance is no longer there and you need to adjust.

I remember once in Paranaque at the old office when we had visitors for the kickoff of an event, TCS, I think. We had doves to release to launch the event. Well, someone had this idea of tying different colored yarns (or ribbons?) to the doves' feet. It sounded like a bright idea. The doves were all white and what else to add color to their flight to the sky than with brightly colored ribbons trailing them! Well, that was the idea. Sadly, when the doves were released, they could not manage to fly beyond 10 feet. They simply returned to the ground. The ribbons were only a couple of feet long. Light as they were, the ribbons became an added weight/ crutch to the doves and totally disturbed their sense of balance in flight. So, the ribbons were removed and the doves were released. Well, there wasn't much of a colorful kickoff.

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