Morning Rains

NONE: Yesterday, I was early and took Karen and Sandra to school coz of their club sponsoring the mass. It was also Che's 13th birthday but was rather sad coz she lost her cellphone. It was only 6 months old. Despite the cake and noodles (all good and yummy), we couldn't light the candle and sing. She was NOT in the mood for it.

I wonder if the Toastmasters will push tomorrow. The Service Awardees will be halfday tomorrow and that might be an excuse to postpone it. I'm an awardee but I'm not attending. I just don't find anything special about it. Sit, eat, watch and take pictures - that's about it. Dancing? I don't think there are any decent dancers anymore who can do ballroom or swing. It would've been better if the awardees themselves have some kind of special participation or numbers to present.

Today, it was raining.
The third short segment wasn't so hard. But it IS getting harder putting together the music coz it's now longer. I'm now finding it harder to memorize as a whole - especially the left hand/ bass part coz the patterns are so different among segments. The right hand patterns are more consistent (so far!). Why is it that my right hand could memorize the motions while my left could not? Somehow, I need to continually look at the keys to see where my left hand is AND the music sheet to see what the left hand needs to do. Maybe in time, the left hand can memorize all that too.

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