Kickboard Ouch

4 KB (kickboard), 5 Frees, all with fins: KB sets were done twice (100m) each. At the last set, it was a pain on the neck. KB and fins just don't match. The fins support the legs up on the water while using the KB makes you raise the head too much. It's a pain. This is the first AND LAST time I'll be using the KB with fins. At least I relearned how to use the hips more for kicking. I avoided bending the knees coz kicking with the fins on was heavy on the knees producing pain. I used the hips and this stretches the ankles.

Attended (partially) the abundance talk today. Ugh, it was mostly theatrics. He didn't come across as a serious speaker. Plenty of inflections/ falsettos that was offensive to my ears. And the "I'll-memorize-all-your-nicknames" stunt - what was THAT about? To impress the audience? What for? He should have been a preacher. After 30 mins., I couldn't bear the torture anymore and left.

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