Fins Again

5 Paddles 6 Free with Fins: What's with this place? I leave the house all bright and shiny and when I get inside the pool's fence, rainclouds appear. It's great that I packed my old fins yesterday. I still have some congestion due to allergies and I thought of easing up a beat and breaking the monotony.

Well, breaking the monotony is spot on, but easing up a bit is an overstatement. The fins somehow really stretched (overextended) my ankles. Maybe it's something I've needed. No pain though. The turns were all super slo-mo coz of the fins' "braking". The frees were rather fast and I felt that my stroking was aided by the legs. The water being unclear, I had to watch out for the wall at the end lest I bang my head onto it coz I was fast. Thank God for the petroleum jelly applied on ankles and toes; putting on the fins was a breeze. There were no rashes on the toes either.

Since it started to drizzle and get dark, I regretted not using my new clear black gogs. All I saw at the pool floor was a fuzzy black line. Che resumed school today. I attended the 8th Habit by Stephen Covey. The speaker was mature, portly but was okay. I thought I could do that too - lecturing. And I've spotted improvements: bigger gestures, more movement around room, engaging the audience, more enthusiasm, etc.
I'm into my second segment (lower octave) in the Christmas piece. It's easier than I thought. But my challenge is how to memorize it. I'm still having a hard time sightreading completely. Corz the big jumps on the keys isn't helping any.

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