Bout with Allergies

SEasy: Without eback. The sun was so bright I couldn't do the eback. Not even after putting on the black gogs. These gogs are new and so clear! I guess this is how a semi-blind person feels after he gets his eyesight back. Wow. All of a sudden the sky and the trees look so nice and clear while swimming!

My suspicion was right. I was having allergies and not the usual common cold. I got the sniffles after going to Makati to fetch the kids from their mini-vacation last Sunday. I'm still taking Carbocisteine and Virlix.

Noontime swimming is losing its appeal on me. I went for a noon swim after paying the water bills for units A and B. Maybe its still my allergies or the water's not too clear, or both. Che has been absent for a couple of days now coz of tonsilitis and a sprouting molar. I've been confirmed for my second speech project next week (hope it pushes) in the Toastmasters. I'm excited for my 2nd Toastmasters speech entitled "The Devil's Gardens". I'll try to finalize it today. Congrats to Karen for finishing storytelling the book entitled "The Family Under The Bridge" for all its 9 chapters.
I've pretty much have the 1st segment of my Christmas piece down pat. The second part on the lower octave will be a challenge.

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