My Christmas Piano Piece

No Swim (so what else is new?): Typhoon Quedan has just left the country and I heard another one's brewing. Wonderful. I guess I have nothing but my Christmas piece to write about in the following days. Thus far, I've written my progress and challenges with this piece. But I seriously doubt anybody here would have heard it. So, finally, I'm posting a midi version of this beautiful piano piece. This midi file was created by the composer. Click here to play it. The music was composed by a amazing person by the name of Lyndy K. who composes and plays beautiful Mormon piano music.

Oh wait! (Very) Late-breaking news! What is this I heard that there is now a raging debate in the US regarding the use of the word "Christmas"? That it is now POLITICALLY INCORRECT to say "Merry Christmas"??? Apparently some find the word offensive and inappropriate. Madre Mia! Yup, they want the word "Christmas" stricken off and replaced with "Holiday". They want images of the Nativity (Cross, Jesus, Angels, etc.) taken off too! Hmmmm. So what do I call my Christmas Piano Piece? Holiday Piano Piss? Oh by the way, I'll be attending the Company Holiday Party tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...


I've heard your piece - 3 Wisemen. Very nice indeed. In fact, I downloaded it in my cpu. If you have the piece, please give me a copy. Thanks. It is really nice reading and vising your blog.

Warmest regards,

Blackdove said...

Will do.