Rash Guard Day

2 Free, 4 T: Decided for a cold morning swim today. Laptop's conked out anyway, so I'll have that fixed after the swim. Gosh it IS cold today. I've packed the Quiksilver rash guard so, for the first time, I used it today. Its long sleeves and royal blue color immediately attracted attention. Did it make a difference? Well, my top half of the body didn't feel as cold as the lower half, so I guess, yes, it did help keep me a LITTLE warm. I plan on its continued use for as long as we get these cold mornings. Oh, need I say that that slim model for the rash guard below isn't me?

Dec. 24: We went to Pampanga but didn't sleepover. Mom was sure happy that all of us ('cept Aida) were there. Pic below is that of all of the apo together with their lola. That little dog in the center's Chok. I don't think that dog has grown a bit after all these years. The house is beautiful and so spacious. Plenty of room for EVERYBODY. But sadly, we couldn't stay and Sandra was a bit disappointed. We certainly plan on sleepovers in the future. We left at 9:30pm and on the way home, we were treated to free toll at SLEX!

Dec. 25: We went to Makati and were there at 5pm. We went to Evelyn's at 7pm and stayed until 10pm. There was plenty of food and visitors too. Corz, there was the boozin' and smokin' outside by the gate. Sadly the CD player couldn't run. We were a little jolted by Tom's account of Bobot's situation at their home: home dialysis after a lifestyle of poor dietary habits. What a reality check. Gotta cut down on those chichirya's, salty foods and really load up on just plain old water!

Below is my current wallpaper of our Christmases past. Merry Christmas!

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