3 T, SEasy: It's one of those "It's-too-cold-to-swim-but-ya-know-the-sun's-up-bright-and-shiny-so-might-as-well-go" days. Raymond was busy vacuuming the pool bottom and the huge hose took 1/4 of the pool. So I decided to tread around the remaining 3/4ths for warmup. It sure warmed me up. Initially, I thought that my body will go numb, imagining I was in the middle of the antartic ocean. But nopes, in fact it felt nice and refreshing when the whole session was over. I wasn't wearing the rash guard today. Frankly, I wasn't sure what to do with it. I thought of hanging it out to dry but of course it won't just dry overnight. And then I thought what's the use of drying it if you'll get it wet in the pool anyway.

Yesterday, I saw that Arena products were 40% off so I bought a Php375 pair of yellow goggles with spare bands. This is originally priced at Php625! I also bought another blue sports towel for Php465. The first towel I had deteriorated after over a year.

I've been musing lately what fitness resolutions I'll shoot for in the coming year, 2006. Especially with the holiday eatings, I've gotten some flabs here and there. Hey, who hasn't? Anyway, here's a draft of my diet resolutions:
  1. Little rice. Stick to 1/4 cup per meal at the office.
  2. More veggies. Stick to 1 dish per meal at the office.
  3. Just water and coffee in the morning.
  4. Doggy-bag salmon, mackerel or tuna at the office. Add pickle relish for flavor.
  5. 3 glasses of plain water for every meal at the office.
And now, the swim resolutions:
  1. Make it a habit to swim EVERYDAY.
  2. Train the mind for mental toughness. No rain, no rainclouds, no cold pool water, no cobra in the water will stop me.
  3. When motivation is waning, check out videos of top swimmers.
  4. Challenge the aerobic capacity. Go for longer distances. Train the mind to endure a little aerobic discomfort EVERYTIME.
We went out for a despedida lunch today at Traveller's. Ugh, too much food most of them sizzlers. Cost was Php2200 for 19 folks which is still cheap. To top it, we had fraps at Starbucks. It's bye-bye to the Php3K we won for the HOM presentation coz all of us (19) cost Php2760 for coffee alone.

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arGlene said...

good luck on your resolutions and have a happy, happy new year! =)

Blackdove said...

Thanx r-glen. Some folks dismiss New Year resolutions as pointless. I choose to think otherwise. I think we can all better ourselves, one way or another. Here's a Prosperous New Year to you !!!