Car Pass

3W, SEasy: No need for a rashguard today. Hardly a breeze and the sun's out.

I came in late at the office coz I had to get a car pass for the village I get into where the pool is located. Like in many villages, one way to get funding is to leech motorists with a racket called the Car Sticker or Car Pass. They're even strict this year coz they asked photocopies of OR/CR.

My own pass was a little delayed since it was a Car Pass (uncommon) while all the rest were getting stickers (homeowners/residents), school service passes etc. I was tempted to get a sticker too but then, they were asking for receipts of monthly dues which I don't have coz I'm not a resident.

There were plenty of tricycle drivers and operators there queued up earlier. Even if I wasn't prepared for it, I was lucky coz they just took my CR photocopy and issued the car pass. And that laminated piece of paper called car pass is worth Php300. From what I've heard, the village is in dire need of funds to pay for unpaid/ overdue utilities. It's either that or someone's greedy and decides to get rich the easy way.

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