My Home, the Pool

3W SEasy: It's great that I got the Car Pass. I could breeze right through the village's security gate everyday. If I didn't, I'd have to leave my driver's license with them and then claim it when I come back out.

The pool was very clear a few days ago and since I had my digicam, I decided to take a few pics. This resort where I go to is really old. But the pool is reasonably well-maintained and that's enough to keep me coming back.

Swimming Feelings

In an interview, the US swimmer Michael Phelps mentioned his feelings about swimming and it grabbed my attention. He said he feels right at home in swimming. Entering the pool is like entering your house and then doing something like sitting on a sofa. It's a place where it's comfortable and all swimmers share the same feeling. All that may sound silly, but I totally agree.

I've been swimming for quite sometime but it's only now that I learn that it has 5 lanes! The showers are in the structure at the left. That hut-like structure at the right is the reception office. Further to the right is the entrance. Straight ahead and hidden is the kiddie pool but this is available only during the summer. Isn't the water just so inviting?

The rightmost lane is the lane where I typically swim in. Why this lane? Well, the sun comes up at the left side of the pic and so it is this lane (or side of the pool) that gets the sunlight first. You see, I love swimming in bright clear water. Corz if there are other folks in the pool, I adjust. I've no problems coz it rarely happens. The water's so clear now you could even see the color imperfections of the lane line tiles below.

Another view of the pool with some huts and the showers. There's no locker in this place so I just put my swimbag in one of the huts. I don't need to pay for the hut coz I'm usually the only one there and don't stay for more than an hour. At least the swimbag doesn't get wet if it rains.

This is the view at the right side with some benches. That's my old beat-up car parked outside.

One thing I like about this pool is the "resort" feeling. It's an open pool so it's bright, airy and totally relaxing. Unlike indoor pools, there are no bleachers to see - only the huts, palms and other trees. Sounds of nature are another bonus... birds chirping, rustling of the leaves when it's breezy.

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Anonymous said...

where is this pool located? thanks

Blackdove said...

Hi Riza, this pool is located in Carmona, Cavite.