Time for 75's and Weights

3W, SEasy: Today I'm starting with 100 broken frees instead of the usual 50's. The 100 will be 75m straight, a breather, and then a 25m coming back to continue the routine. I hope to continue to increase the lengths I can swim in one go. I've yet to achieve what other swimmers claim as a dreamlike trance while swimming - where swimming becomes so effortless that they feel like going on on "forever". Some call it "getting in the zone" while others call it the "second wind". I'd say the release of endorphins has something to do with it. I've attained such trance a couple of times when I was still running in my younger days.

I did some several dumbbell shoulder presses last night in my home gym. Click here to see my weights setup. These pics were taken when I repainted the racks and stands. These racks and stands were all built by myself. I'll try to ease into a weights routine again to strengthen shoulders, chest and back. Who knows I'll get back to the whole weights enchilada someday.

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