Tired and Sleepy

No swim: There was a brief drizzle this morning. I noticed these past weeks that the sun was a little lazy and late coming up. Kinda reflected my mood today as I'm all sleepy and tired. Maybe the shoulder dumbbell presses weren't too easy after all. Think I'll ease up on them a bit more and just do them every other night. Although I could do them in the morning, I'm hesitant doing weights prior to the morning swim. I just wanna feel fresh in the pool.

I was busy printing some ID photos of Karen late last night so that probly explains the sleepiness. Plus Renz's coughing was waking me up. Poor guy. I think I may need new glasses. I feel some strain around my left eye.

Oregano leaves are a Godsend !!! They're like a natural mucolytic! When swimming, I occasionally get pool water up my nose. If I'm not careful and clear it, I get allergies and the sniffles. To use oregano leaves as a natural expectorant, here's what I do:
  1. Pick 5 to 7 oregano leaves. The thick big "juicy" ones are good.
  2. Wash the leaves under running water.
  3. With a mortar-and-pestle, extract the juice. Soaking the leaves first in hot water will make them softer.
  4. Throw away the pulp and sip the greenish juice s-l-o-w-l-y.
It tastes terrible, but it works wonders. Had it not been for this herbal concoction, I'd have the sniffles that everyone's been getting at the office.

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