Tread to Elemback Switch

3W, TE, 75frees: Got little time for pool today. Che's having exams (so are Sandra and Karen) so we don't have to leave the house early. I mentioned in an earlier entry about the sights and sounds around the pool I go to.

I failed to mention that being an outdoor pool, there are other critters that you swim with. Today, I saw an insect that walks on the water. It's thin, presumably light, and has long thin legs. 4 legs props up the body while the middle 2 legs "paddle" the water to keep it moving. It doesn't seem disturbed no matter how I splash the water. Quite interesting. So, yup, an outside pool offers some interaction too even if there's no other swimmers around.

I learned later that the insect is called a water strider and it walks on water with the help of surface tension and some microscopic hairs on the tip of the legs that repel water. Pic at left is of a water strider and was taken off the web courtesy of livescience.

This morning I heard some guy shout "Taho!!!" Wow, a taho vendor right here at the resort - first time! His strategy to sell there really sucks coz there aren't many people there. I suddenly remembered that at weekend overnight swims in Pansol, there'll be surely taho and buko pie vendors bright early in the morning. That's because Pansol is packed during weekends. But here, at my pool, on a weekday? Anyway, as I saw the guy coming closer, I realized it was Raymond the pool cleaner! He had a mop across his shoulder with a tin pail hanging at the end. Funny.

I've been experimenting a move recently that's cool (to me, at least). It's switching from a treading stroke (breaststroke with head up) to the elemback (elementary backstroke) in one move without stopping and then switching back again. It's really nice. The tread to elemback is easy and graceful coz I transition it with a sidestroke. It's the switching back from elem to tread that's still flaky in that sometimes my face sinks. But I'll find a way.

Anybody has ideas on how to backup a blog?

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arGlene said...

Hi! Is it safe having water strider on the pool? I just hope it doesn't sting. The 'taho' thing is funny indeed! =)

I also want to back-up my blog but have no idea how. Have you tried seeking the help of blogger admin?

Blackdove said...

Hi Arglene! Generally, all insects or what have you in the water are harmless. In my 2 years of swimming in outdoor pools, I've never been stung by anything. I've seen bugs, earthworms, etc. but that's all part of outdoor swimming.

Over the weekend, I learned of a new tool called HTTrack. It has a windows version called WinHTTrack and works well. It basically copies an entire website (all jpgs, htmls, gifs, etc) into a folder in your pc. Since your blog is essentially a website, it'll do that too. Backing up takes time. But after its all copied, you could then go through your blog offline (without connection) in the pc. Google for httrack.

Anonymous said...

water strider... think Mr. Tuxedo movie. ARGH! i'm so envious of swimmers... took 2 lessons for 2 summers when i was younger and came up with naught. my eyes even sting horribly in sea water. i guess i've never really been comfortable in water.

as for backing up your blog, i know xanga has this option for premium members to have their posts downloadable for back-up or archive. check if this one does too. otherwise, there's the friendly copy and paste function with MS Word. ;P

Blackdove said...

Hi Kayenne. You're young and its NEVER too late to learn. I learned swimming at a very late age.

Yah, I wished Blogger has its own backup or import/export utility. The option Blogger gives is around 10 steps and can get unwieldy if not careful. HTTrack copies all html files as is and will presumably be easy to recreate.

arGlene said...

thank you for the info. I already bookmarked it. Shall find time how to utilize it. =)