A Pail and an Article

DEasy: Went to the pool today earlier than usual. I requested for one of those huge hypochlorite pails for chlorinating the pool. They practically throw them around so might as well ask one. This'll be a good container/ trash can for the apartment. Sandra's sick today (the usual colds and cough) and DH's taking her to the doctor.

I read an article today and it strikes me as odd or downright ridiculous. Entitled "Experts disagree with jury verdict against woman in boy's drowning", you can read it here or here. I just don't agree with the verdict and the reason I reacted to this article is because I see so many adults here who just don't look out for their small kids in the pool. Typically, here's the scenario:
  • Nanay and the amigas tend to cooking/ washing/ preparing the dishes. Yup, busy, busy, busy!
  • Tatay and barkada tend to the ihawan and the drinking. "O anoh phre, lashing kah nah baah?"
  • The kids, some small, some big dive into the pool, NONE of them know how to swim. They play, thrash around, dive for coins, do some dares, etc. In other words put themselves at risk.
  • The adults are totally unmindful of the kids so mayabang that their kids are good enough to swim. Yah, right.
When I see scenarios like this, I don't butt in into their business. I go my own merry way swimming and exercising. But then I wonder. What if a child drowns? See, some folks have a penchant for blaming EVERYBODY else BUT themselves in a situation like this. Will someone blame me for KNOWING how to swim, being in the pool and not saving little darling Junjun? What if I DO attempt to save the kid and still the kid drowns? Will I still take the flak - all the more? Like I was interfering? or I did the wrong thing?

Wow. When I get thoughts like that, sometimes I just want to get out of the pool. Let WHATEVER happen and just leave the parents to blame nobody but themselves.

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