Flowing and Natural Dolphin Kicks

3W DEasy: I noticed that dolphin kicks are easy to do if the hands, and then the arms, lead them. Pulsing with the chest is fine but it feels forced and tiring and a certain amount of drag (braking) is felt. If the hands lead especially when the body rises, the body undulation is more flowing and natural. Think I'll do this more often. I've been feeling some muscle soreness at the sides of my hips. I wonder where THAT is coming from. The visitor gave his presentation. Somehow, when someone speaks and I'm part of the audience, I get the temptation to evaluate the speaker like I was in a Toastmasters' session. Anyway, my unsolicited, brief "evaluation":

  1. Very good hand gestures in general.
  2. Great intro. Smiling, like he was actually excited to see us and talk about his presentation.
  3. Walking. For a talk of almost an hour, you need to move.
  4. There were a couple of anecdotes (stories) that were interesting.
  1. Voice is flat. Although audible, there were no inflections (high and low points).
  2. Did not engage the audience by way of casual questions.
  3. Bigger gestures for bigger points. Some points weren't emphasized enough.
  4. Sometimes "talking" to the screen. This is the bane of most powerpoint presentations I've seen. He could've generally faced the audience and glanced at his laptop

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