Shin Splints and a Conflict

No Swim. This inspite of the nice bright sun beckoning me to the pool. 3 reasons:
  1. I've been having shin splints since yesterday. The last time I had these was when I was running. Normally, I'd get them if I didn't do adequate stretching for the ankles. I realized I stretched less this past few days so that may be it.
  2. Had to do lots a stuff today coz a couple of IT visitors are coming to play golf for an operations review.
  3. I heard over the radio that Quezon City registered a 19 degree Celsius last Sunday and it's a record! What is this, some kind of a cold spell??? Narnia !!!!!!

There is an upcoming reunion/ alumni homecoming for our old school on the 28th of this month. Actually it'll be the 50th (Golden) anniversary for Don Bosco Pampanga and will be attended by all batches. I was looking forward to attending this reunion until I realized that the homecoming is on the same date as the wedding of DH's niece. But that's not all. Sandra and Renz have special participation in this wedding. See their names highlighted on the invitation.

I was kinda hoping that the wedding date will be postponed or that the guy backs out altogther (he! he!). But nopes, none of those had happened. In othere words I won't be able to attend the reunion coz I need to be at that wedding. I'll be driving Sandra and Renz there. Corz I'll be a photographer of sorts too. So to the 79ers who may be reading this, I hope you guys enjoy yourselves at the reunion.

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