A Wedding with Fairies

3w, TE, 50free: There was a little commotion at the pool today. Looks like the vacuum cleaner was having some problems. But the workers soon left and the new pool guy resumed his cleaning so I think it was fixed.

Last Saturday we attended the wedding of one of DH's nieces, Reyvel. The wedding was to start at 4pm. We arrived at the church early so as we waited, I took some shots of Renz and Sandra at the church's garden. Sandra was one of the flower girls while Renz was the bible bearer. Getting Renz to smile correctly was a challenge. His smile is a cross between a pout and an evil grin. Sandra's much easier to "direct". The church is old but still beautiful. On the outside, it looks like a massive fort.

The usual entourage except the bride entered. Renz was very much well behaved and smartly did his march. Sandra was like a fairy princess. And then the main church door was closed. A violinist played a stirring yet solemn rendition of Enya's "Only Time". When the church door was opened, it was just the bride outside waiting to come in. Her silhouette with the afternoon setting behind her was dramatic. Everybody was enthralled at her sight and promptly gave an applause! I spent most of the time inside the church walking around and taking some shots and video here and there. Inside, Renz was still well-behaved. I was impressed.

The reception was at the Makati Park. There seem to be new customs nowadays like how they proceed when dinner is served. Guests from each table go to the couple's table to have their picture taken instead of the couple going around. Then, they go queue at the food table after the pictorial. Neat, huh? After dinner, there was a brief program and some butterflies were released. There was the customary bridal dance with some folks pinning money on the bridal gown. Finally, a short footage of the couple's photos was presented. The whole event was very much well-organized and Aiza did a pretty good job. Great work!

The following evening, we had a pictorial! With the flowers (head dress and flower basket) still fresh, I got Sandra and Renz to rest and prepare for more nighttime picture taking in our small garden at home. I've toyed with the idea of some fantasy shots so I've asked DH to prepare the background green foliage beforehand in the morning. She painstakingly put together some bushy plants in a corner of the garden. Thanx DH! Also, I'm so happy with Sandra's patience with me as I set up the camera, tripod and lighting. She also has this uncanny ability to easily assume a pose that I just verbally describe. Thanx Da!

Wow, just putting altogether the lights was a huge chore! Corz I'm no professional photographer with no real photography equipment other than my camera and tripod, so I had to make do with improvised lighting stuff (mostly desklamps and colored plastic sheets and extension cords). I was afraid that I may not have enough lighting. But after the 4 desklamps were positioned and colored, I was clicking away! I even experimented on different colors. I love improvisation! Definitely, the pics will tell more. Some of the pics may appear redundant and that's coz I've added some photo effects via Picasa. So for more pics, click here.

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