Easy LSD

Yesterday - 3W, SEasy, 75frees: I noticed that I could actually just frog kick when treading. The arms cannot be just dropped though. They need to be out forward a little (like arms on the table) to act as outtriggers. Sculling can be minimal, but frog kicking need to be fast and snappy. It's a hard on the knees in the long run (or long swim).

Today - 3W, SEasy, 75frees: The water was nice today despite a cool morning. I discovered the secret to long slow distances (LSD) and the answer is SLOW. Here are my observations:
  1. Don't mind the time. No need to rush. Swim relaxed and just zone out.
  2. Let the leading arm float forward after the recovery. No need to overly tense it by stretching too much. Relax the hand as well. Just loosen the fingers and let the hand float.
  3. Do not raise the body too much on the open turns. Since you're relaxed swimming slow anyway, there's really no need for that huge gasp of air. Raising the body too high is just added effort for the arm. Simply use the arm to reverse direction while minimally raising the head to breath.
  4. Do not kick off too hard from the wall. This puts extra effort on the legs. A gentle push will do. Again this is for LSD where time is of no importance.
  5. Don't focus much on kicking. Kick to simply float the legs and balance the body.
  6. Don't exaggerate the breathing with too strong inhales and exhales. This tenses up your breathing pattern. Just relax.
  7. Maintain a low head profile when breathing.

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