3rd Toastmasters Speech Tomorrow

Simulated Open Water Swim: I got my pants wet today from the shower. So I wasn't in a good mood for a long workout. Since I cut it off short, I took cloud pictures. I already took some at MunSci and took some at the pool too. Clouds today just look so different.

I'll be attending a Toastmasters competition tomorrow for areas 71 and 74. My first ever to attend. Unfortunately I didn't manage to be a contestant due to some silly eligibility problem. Too bad, I was already preparing a draft of my competition speech. But then I was asked to deliver a speech nonetheless, not as a contestant, but as a TEST SPEAKER. Apparently, there is also an Evaluation Competition and the contest among the evaluators is who can give the best evaluation. So... I'm the test speaker to be evaluated - the rat in the maze to be studied.

Oh, it's confidential though. Nobody is to know who the test speaker is so that nobody will know in advance what that test speaker's real strengths and weaknesses are. Uhmm. Ok. The great thing about this though is that I don't need to prepare a new speech for it, presumably coz I have a different audience. So I'll be delivering my recent speech, The Devil's Gardens and will get credit for it as my 3rd Toastmasters speech. The draft I was preparing earlier would instead be used for my 4th speech. Hope tomorrow turns out okay.

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