Clean Pool and Yellow Sunrise

SEasy 75s Freestyle: The water has been clear in the past weeks. I guess the new guy is doing a good job with the pool cleaning. Hmmmm, let's see after 6 months. Although he's results-oriented, he's not exactly customer-driven. When I get there, he's STILL cleaning. I would assume cleaners clean AND finish BEFORE patrons come in. Ah well. At least the pool's clean. Even the pump's been a-hummin' continuously. Hope it doesn't breakdown.

I'm planning on storing away my rashguard for now. (I had a past blog entry on what a rashguard looks like. Just look for it in the December05 archives.) I've been using it continuously for several days and a thread's coming loose inside the left wrist part. I assume the thread from the stitching loosened when the wrist part of the long-sleeved vest rubs with my watch. The weather's clearing up anyway, with March (and summer) fast approaching. I'll give it a final good wash, air-dry it and store it away.

I mentioned before that I'm virtually a sun-worshipper. Nowadays, especially, I feel like I'm more appreciative of sunrises and sunsets. I think it has something to do with my renewed interest in photography. I'm more sensitive and keen to beautiful and unusual lighting. Like this morning, driving to the pool, I thought that the way the morning sun shone on everything that I passed by seemed strangely but beautifully orangey-yellow. It's one of those days that I say to myself what a beautiful morning to start a day! It's also one of those days that I want to stop the car at the shoulder of the expressway, take a real good vantage point, setup the tripod and take numerous shots of the beautiful sunrise landscape! Corz, by the time I'm done, the traffic patrol will be breathing down my neck ready with a ticket.

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