A Really Fast Swimmer - Look at Him Go !

3W SEasy 75m Freestyle: I think my 3 laps around the pool is becoming a default here so I'll be dropping the "3W" notation in succeeding entries. Today's workout wasn't as tough as I thought considering I've not done much freestyle lately. But I can only surmise that all those recent non-stop laps around the pool has improved my conditioning.

I've yet to be the best swimmer I can be. Nopes, not by a long shot but I'm trying. I found a video among my old files and I no longer recall where I got it from or who the swimmer is but it sure serves a real inspiration to me. The guy is simply amazing. He's swimming freestyle in (what I believe to be) a 25-meter swimming pool. He's got these long graceful and seemingly relaxed strokes but moves really fast. Compare him to the guy on the next lane! You can view the video right here.

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