A Better Backstroke

Simulated Open Water Swim: Water's olive green today but nice and warm. Yup, summer's definitely just around the corner now. I can feel it.

I've managed to put in some backstroke today and suddenly I'm hooked into re-learning it. It's still not as relaxed as I want it to be but I'm definitely getting better at it. At least I don't get in as much water as before coz the face is out of the water. It's the water splashes that do get in. But there were some instances that I felt that I was getting faster.

The tweaking that I did to make me float better in backstroke are as follows:
  1. Keep the lungs full at most times. This makes the upper body buoyant.
  2. Do a quick exhale when one hand recovers or rises up from the water, then a quick big inhale. It may be better not to breathe at every stroke though.
  3. Kick faster to keep the legs afloat.
  4. Don't kick too deep but kick strong.
  5. When the neck tires, try looking directly up to the sky.
  6. Stretch the arm, hand AND fingers overhead but do not cross the centerline.
  7. Ensure that you feel the grip of the water and feel pushing it ALL the way back.
Now I tire easily but over time, once I'm used to the motions and develop better technique and conditioning, it'll become easier and more natural. Hopefully, I'll be really good in time for summer!

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