Duel in the Garden - A Magical Fight Scene

I finally got around to completely editing the 3rd (and last?) pictorial in the garden. These pictorials are backbreaking work! Setting up the correct lighting in this kind of fantasy photography is a challenge. Working with cranky kids is even harder. The theme for this pictorial is a duel between Princess Butterfly played by Sandra and the Kamikaze Kid played by Renz.

This time Sandra wears a bigger tiara - a more colorful one too. I find this particular shot really nice coz it shows her shiny tiara and both wings behind her back. Again we used the LET (Light Emitting Toy) as the "magic stone". Renz was out in the streets at this time so I had to work with Sandra alone.

When Renz came home it was his turn. Well, this time he was more cooperative with posing. I guess a small audience cheering him on made him feel special and so was happily doing the poses. The difficult part with directing little kids is that they just can't keep still. After practicing with him on how to hold the sword correctly, the sword in his hand still moved in all of the shots. Look at those glowing "evil eyes"!

Finally the duel. I had to position Sandra, Renz and the camera correctly to create the illusion that the Princess Butterfly was flying over the Kamikaze Kid. Sandra's pose and Renz's sword were choreographed to make it appear that they were fighting. I KNEW those Shaolin kung-fu movies had some usefulness! Haiiii-ya !!! For the rest of the pictures of the fight scenes, click here. Hope you like them all. Feel free to comment on the pics!

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