Brokeback Sessions

No, nothing to do with "Brokeback Mountain". Today, I did 3 laps of brokeback sessions or Broken Backstroke sessions. I still couldn't finish an entire length of backstroke (not the elementary backstroke but THE regular backstroke). Either my form disintegrates, swallow too much water, get too tired or all of the above. It was tiring but for a couple of lengths, I was moving steadily! If it were only me in the pool, I'd be just so tired and quit it. But since the pool's busy, I'm motivated to do more. This may just be the opportune time to revisit, relearn and finally MASTER the backstroke. Master it in the sense of becoming comfortable at it.

There were lots of kids today. Whoo! Maybe 40 kids or more were "enrolled" in the free swim lessons project of the mayor. The water was churning like crazy with all their tiny feet splashing (seated on the gutter flutter kicks). I felt like swimming in the beach with all the water movement. There was a boy who looked like Renz (mucho guwapito also). But he was older at 6yo. I heard from another girl that he wanted me to teach him. But I told them that I wasn't a teacher there. The girl said "okay lang po, marunong naman kayo eh." I got carried away watching at the kids learn swimming that I was late getting out of the pool and coming to the office.

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