Graduation and Recognition Pics

I woke up today with some stiffness and soreness at my back and behind the neck. Must be yesterday's backstroke attempts. Did 3 laps of freestyle and 3 laps of brokebacks today. I'd be happier if I can backstroke on a straighter line. It takes longer to finish a length especially if I go diagnonally instead! Well today, I did finish a length though - coz I was straighter.

Finally, here are the pics of events that culminated the school year:

Renz with his awards: Best in Recitation, Best in Reading and Most Outstanding student. We were pleasantly surprised when he received one more medal later in the program and this is the Top 5 award! Wow! Congratulations, little boy! You look really good in that glowing white toga!

Sandra receiving the Model Pupil award for Grade 3. She's been coveting this award for a long long time and now, finally! It was my first time to attend this kind of an event coz they do it during school hours after the flag ceremony. So they've got the whole student assembly (high school included) witnessing it. The students from other sections were cheering loudly for their own nominated classmates for Model Pupil. When Sandra's name was announced, her classmates went wild!

Sandra with her award/medal for "Best in Deportment" which was awarded last Recognition Day. Congrats, Sandra! She and a small group also did a solemn yet stirring interpretative dance rendition of Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up". I must admit I was a little taken aback with their intro where they suddenly dropped to the floor.

Karen with some of her classmates in their Graduation from elementary. Mama was with us and so was Sandra (who mistakenly thought they had a number). The graduating class gave a nice farewell song number to the tune of "With a Smile" by the Eraserheads. Gee, I could've sworn that was an old song by the group Bread. They had candid shots of classmates and teachers shown in a projector on the side. It was quite nice. Congratulations, my dear Karen!

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