Casa Eres - Lyn's Graduation

Happy Graduation to Lyn, DH's officemate for a dream come true. We were at Casa Eres resort last Friday for lotsa eating. Wow, Lyn's relatives can REALLY cook. Too bad I wasn't able to take a pic of the food. But there was a lot and all the dishes were tasty! Their special was the lumpiang sariwa.

Anyway, I was able to have a pic by the pool. The pool was rather small in area - maybe 8 meters by 4 meters but it was DEEP. You could only wade for 4 meters and then it's floating time. I didn't bother knowing how deep it was coz it didn't matter to me. It wasn't heated but it wasn't cold either. Too bad only DH and I took a dip for maybe 30-40 minutes. There were others who wanted to but I guess they wanted more company at the pool as well. Well, DH and I enjoyed the swim immensely albeit the small pool. There was lots of eating and singing at the videoke. Yeah, it's now mandatory to have these. We left at round 9pm.

Today: 3 laps freestyle and brokeback. Mang Ruben now recognizes me as a swimmer who works out there. There were plenty of guests and kids today. The kiddie pool has water. So there were kids there as well. Ah summer!

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